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Yes, another static blog generator.

I've built a viable static blogging platform. It's MIT-licensed so totally free and open source. You're reading pages generated by it right now.

So why?

At first when I wanted to start a static blog, I looked at OctoPress and Jekyll. These are the gold standard of static content generators. They're well documented and well supported.

I don't like to use Linux for everyday work. Setting up these tools under Windows is actually a huge pain -- apart from setting up a Ruby environment, you also need to create themes, structure your content, etc etc.

So the concept for Dropblog is to have the following:

About a day's work, and all those criteria were met - and then some. It hooks into the Windows filesystem API and detects changes inside a blog folder. This means that once it's set up, literally all you have to do is save a text file into that folder, and bam, it's online. It even integrates with Dropbox so you can share subfolders with other users and they have the ability to publish content.

Feel free to email me any time.