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Changing the Default Browser on Windows 10

In an Enterprise/Education Setting

Windows 10 build 1709 makes it incredibly hard to change the default browser in a domain-wide way. This build literally monitors the registry for changes that weren't done by Microsoft tools and reverts them if necessary.

While Edge may be kind of okay for everyday use, it's pretty much useless in a setting where you need to be able to administer a network of machines running it. Chrome is a far better option in terms of administrators being able to customize options. So how do we deploy Chrome despite Microsoft's best efforts?

We don't know yet. We're experimenting to try and find a way.

A bit of searching has shown up two tools. The first is based on UI automation (ick), and the other is per-user and closed-source. Neither is ideal.

The officially supported method (and several variations as well as ftype) has been reported by a number of sysadmins in the field to not work at all for Chrome and Build 1709.

Feel free to email me any time.